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                      Talent concept

                      Our human resource management sticks to the strategy of "build China's best casting mold" and "make China's die-casting mould technology keep pace with the world", adhering to the core culture of "always create more value and better service for customers" and "hard-working and able to bear hardships", committed to the implementation of human resources strategy.

                      Introduced moral and academic talent: "moral, ability and diploma combined", principle of "hire the rightest people", formed internal and external recruitment system, to attract domestic and international talents.

                      Fair competition mechanism: the company carries out position competition and staff management, survival of the fittest, make effort to let each employee obtain company's respect and recognition, dedicated to ceate fair, just and open employment system, establish equal, competitive and merit-based recruitment environment.

                      • zongjingli
                        Useful-life: 2016-3-6 Workplace: ningbo Numbers: 2 人
                        Salary: 2000-2999元/月 Add time: 2015-06-09





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