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                      Mould Design

                      Make the good mold wholeheartedly cast the reliable quality You are here:Home >Capacity >Mould Design

                      Mould Design

                      Junling Mould Technology Co.,Ltd.(formerly known as Junling Mould Plant) was established in 1993, located in Beilun District, Ningbo, which specializes in research and manufacturing precision die-casting mould technology. Based on ten years traditional technology and introduced international craftmanship, we have formed a complete core theory and design experience, products are widely used in automobile, electronics, heavy industry and aerospace. Due to professional, senior engineering experience, outstanding product performance, excellent operation, our products have gained recognition by many companies, such as Chongqing Yujiang, Chongqing Jiatai, Chongqing Zongshen, Taizhou Yamaha Power Co.,Ltd., Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Company, Japan Kubota Corporation, Japan Yanmar Co.,Ltd., Sanjiang Huansong, Chery, Geely, Changchun FAW, Dongfeng and other companies.

                      Our mould technical center has high quality design team, with undergraduate degree or rich experience, through the years experience in automobile, electronics, heavy industry, aerospace, our engineering design team has accumulated rich mould casting experience. In terms of technical exchange, we strengthen the relations with Japan famous casting enterprise, sent backbone to Japan for exchange, improve design theory and concept. Besides study of casting theory, we also introduce international CAD/CAM/CAE software system, especially after using AnyCasting software, which can solve a series of defects, such as without pouring, pore, shrinkage, cold shut, oxide slag, deformation and hot tearing, then die-casting theory→traditional process manufacturing experience→computer-aided design, manufacturing and analysis, building up a very complete technical system.

                      The company has successfully developed the nation's largest DC4500T heavy truck gearbox mold and domestic highest qualified rate of Geely 4G18 \ 4G15 series straight four cylinder casting mold and other highly sophisticated parts, and at the same time has made a number of invention patents, utility new technology and other core technology patents.

                      In October 2007, Engineering Analysis Center was established. Variety of products pre-cast systems database research work has been carried out, which provides a wealth of reference information and shorten the design cycle. In 2012 complex mechanical structure of the CAE analysis and simulation of the mechanical strength of components such as CAE simulation analysis pre-research project will be carried out, then analysis of the technical support center will be more perfect.

                      In recent years, as the market for shortening product development cycles and product technical requirements of rapid increase, in order to provide our customers with more convenient and fast technical support, especially independent of the company's after-sales service system, Human Resources of the technology center specialized organizations launched a full day online customer service, providing online engineering consulting and technical liaison services, fully embodies the purpose of maximizing the interests of customers, we look forward to cooperate and communicate with customers to achieve common progress and development of the ultimate goal.

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