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                      Make the good mold wholeheartedly cast the reliable quality You are here:Home >About us >Culture

                      Company Objective

                      Create more value for the society, make our brand and market position recognized by the industry.

                      1. Our company is full of social responsibility and national pride, which derives from employees, customers and industry;
                      2. Faith-based, positive moral values to receive social recognition;
                      3. Our tenet is to provide excellent product and perfect service to meet customers' satisfaction;
                      4. Dedication, keep innovation, improving technical level, create high quality, establish "Junling" brand awareness and build market position;
                      5. Leading the entire industry, bear greater responsibility, the pursuit of world-class mold enteprise.

                      Core Competencies

                      With sophisticated production system, high-efficient team, high degree technical standard, innovative R&D team, sound service system and high-quality service team.

                      1. Culture-based, management team with over 10 years experience, build internal high-efficient organization operation, eliminate all waste, continuous improvement, cast assured quality and provide superior mold product with high quality and favorable price.
                      2. Based on technical force, establish systematic technical standard, seek breakthroughs and become leaders in this industry, keep pace with internation level.
                      3. Customer-oriented, improve existing service system, think for customers, by means of sincere and thoughtful service to build trust and realize win-win cooperation.

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