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                      Make the good mold wholeheartedly cast the reliable quality You are here:Home >About us >Introduction


                      Ningbo Junling Mould Technology Co.,Ltd. is located in the modernization, industrialization, commercialization coastal city--Casting Park, Beilun District, Ningbo, with convenient transportation, adjacent to Leshe International Airport and international port--Beilun Port and "Three high-speed".

                      Our company is a medium-sized private enterprise which specializes in developing, design, manufacturing and processing aluminum, magnesium and zinc alloy die-casting mold.

                      Our tenet is: to offer more value and better service for customers, hard-working and able to bear hardships, seek common growth.

                      We cover an area of 6,000 square meters of modern plant, with advanced equipment, high-quality technical staff and professional employees, there are about 100 staff, including 6 leadership, 8 senior engineers, 15 designers and 6 production, QC management.

                      Currently, the company main products include general machine accessories, auto parts, motorcycle parts, electric tools and general cylinder casting mould, major supplier of auto cylinder head in this industry, which accounts for more than 55% production, annual production capacity of 200 sets of casting mold with less than 3500 tons.

                      Our company has implemented ISO9001:2000 quality management system, applying for higher-grade quality management system, with professional inspector and three coordinates testing equipment, adhering to the quality policy of "quality first, strict control, excellent service and customer satisfaction".

                      We adopt Sensus-Rongtai vacuum structure, introduced Anycasting mold flow analysis software, formed CAD/CAE/CAP design manufacturing process. Mandrel material uses SKD61, heat-treated hardness of HRC50-55, application of Punch , mold core using DIEVAR material from ASSAB company, mold maximum precision ±0.05mm and mold core maximum precision±0.02mm.


                      The main production equipment as follows:

                      1. 11 CNC milling machines, of which 1 gantry processing center.
                      2. 10 cutting machines, of which 2 walking wire cutting machine.
                      3. 12 EDM machines, of which 4 Korean EDM machines.
                      4. 1 set of 360T clamping machine and 1 set of 100T clamping machine.
                      5. 1 set of 1250T\800T die-casting machine, 1 set of 280T die-casting machine, 2 sets of 500T die-casting machines.
                      6. 1 set of FLY866 three coordinates testing equipment, 1 set of FLY1280 three coordinates testing equipment.
                      7. 20 sets of radial drill and other supporting metal cutting equipment.


                      Our main clients are Chongqing Yujiang, Chongqing Jiatai, Chongqing Zongshen, Taizhou Yamaha Power Co.,Ltd., Kyokuto Die Casting, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Company, Japan Kubota Corporation, Japan Yanmar Co.,Ltd., Sanjiang Huansong, Chery, Geely, Changchun FAW, Dongfeng and other companies.

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